Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Savings

I can't believe it...October is over.  The monthly numbers are in and this month I'm still loving my coupons:

Total spent in Oct.:  $338.02
Retail Value:  $1,185.12
Total saved in Oct.:  $847.10, or 71% saved

This month I stocked up on baby wipes, apple juice, canned veggies, laundry detergent, and meat!

I am anticipating great sales on baking items over the next couple months and I plan on stocking up for the year.  We shall see where that puts my spending for November.

Want to join the challenge and keep track of how much you save?  Feel free to download the spreadsheet I am using HERE(Click "File" at top left, "Download as", and choose the program you would like to use to download the spreadsheet to your own computer.  I use Excel.  The formula is set up so you just have to enter how much you spent and how much you saved and it will calculate the retail amount automatically.)

Happy Savings!

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