Monday, August 29, 2011

Raley's Deals (Ends 8/30)

Raley's had some pretty sweet deals this week.  You can find all the match-ups HERE and HERE

The deals I did today include this promo:

Buy 3 of the following Kimberly-Clark products, Get a $5 Raley’s Giftcard
Huggies Diapers, PULL-UPS Training Pants or Goodnites Underwear 12-50-ct. – $8.99
Kotex, U by Kotex Pads, Tampons, Liners 14 to 64-ct. – $2.99
Huggies Baby Wipes refill 184 to 216-ct. – $5.49
Depend Underwear & Poise 14 to 72-ct. – $11.99

I did the deal below twice (bought six in one transaction) and got 2 $5 Raley's Giftcards.

Buy (3) Kotex Products – $2.99 each ($8.97)
$4.00/2 Kotex from Safeway booklet in 8/29 newspaper
$1.00 Kotex 7/24 SS or $1.00 printable or $1.00 from Safeway booklet in 8/29 newspaper
Final price:  Pay $3.97, Get a $5 Raley's Giftcard!!!

All 2x Liquid Laundry Detergent 50-oz. - $3.50
Snuggle Liquid or Fabric Softener 32-oz. – $3.50
Clorox Bleach 82 to 96-oz. – $1.99
Save an additional $2.50 when you buy one of each (store promo, comes off automatically)
$0.25/1 Clorox bleach 8/21 SS
$1.00 All Detergent from Safeway MDA coupon booklet
$1.00 Snuggle from Safeway MDA coupon booklet
Final price:  $4.24 for all 3, or $1.41 each!

Tropicana O.J. - $3.99
$2.49 store coupon (takes off $1.50)
$2.00 Tropicana emailed to me from Trop. Rewards
Final price:  $0.49

GRAND TOTAL:  $14.56, Got $10 in Raley's Giftcards

(Thanks, My Frugal Adventures and Frugal Find!)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Buy List...Preparing for emergencies

I thought this article was interesting, especially for anyone gearing up for a hurricane!  I personally am not currently getting ready for a hurricane, but I think the following list has good things to think about for any emergency.

It is time to invest in Hurricane Irene. That does not mean to buy stocks, oil, or precious metals. It means spending money to make sure you can ride out the storm. Your total cost will vary, depending on what you already have in stock. (Which is why I love stocking up BEFORE the storm, preferably with a sale and coupon!)

1. Save your financial life. Get a a water-proof case for key financial records, stock certificates, and personal records. A large cooler will do, if it can be securely sealed.

2. Get your cellphone and PC ready. Each may come in handy if you are trapped indoors for a couple of days. And if you lose electricity, products like the "Power Monkey" ($50) could come in handy. Some come with the ability to use the sun to charge the device.

3. Get some cheap walkie talkies. These can definitely keep you in touch with loved ones for up to a mile if you have to make it out into the storm in an emergency.

4. Three flashlights should be enough for two or three days with new batteries in them. And, you probably already have a flashlight somewhere. Spend a few dollars on new batteries.

5. Get a mobile inverter for your car. It connects to a car's battery or through the cigarette lighter Make sure you have jumper cables in case you need to charge the battery in the SUV that might be needed to travel in the storm. The car battery will last longer if the car is running, so, don't forget to fill up your tank. That tank of gas may be the most expensive thing on the list because regular is still about $3.60 most places.

6. Buy some food. You probably already have items like protein powder, tuna, can soup and pasta in the kitchen. Make sure you have enough non-perishable food to last three or four days.

7. Everyone needs toilet paper. Eight rolls will probably cost less than $10. While you're at it, get some paper towels, too.

8. Load up on plastic garbage bags. They're good for garbage, and to put up on windows if the glass is broken by high wind. Two big packages might cost $20.

9. Fill your tub(s) with water. Clean them first. The water may be absolutely necessary. Depending on what your city or town charges for water, the cost may be a few cents. If you have a well, it's virtually free.

10. Keep a few hundreds dollars in cash. You may need it if you run out of essentials and ATM machines are not working for whatever reason. It may seem like a lot of dough, but if you don't spend it, you don't loss a dime - except for a fee you might pay for get the money from a cash machine that is not at a branch of your bank.

11. Sandbags. These are expensive, but some stores are already selling out as customers stock up. In many cases, municipal authorities, local fire or police offices, or state disaster relief organizations give these out.

12. Generators. These are also pricey. But, if you don't have a car battery or solar power, they may be necessary. Sears sells them for as little as $429.99. And, you can keep them for the next time a storm or summer power outage pulls the plug on your electricity.

The full article can be found HERE.

Monday, August 22, 2011

My Shopping: $21.42

It has been a very long time since I've shopped like this!  It was fun but boy am I exhausted.

Raley's (Deals posted HERE)
Black Angus steaks:  $1.92
8 Corn: $0.96
Total:  $2.88

Scolari's (Deals posted HERE)
Tyson Chicken Nuggets:  $2.00
Sara Lee Bread:  $1.18
Total:  $3.18

Safeway (Deals posted HERE and HERE)
1 Gain Detergent: $3.99
2 Gain Dish Soap: $0.49 each
8 roll paper towels: $3.50 (clearance)
3 Marie salad dressing: $0.74 each
Total:  $8.49

Smith's (Deals posted HERE)
7 Spaghettios:  $0.36 each
1 Sunny D: $0.49
2 La Victoria Salsa:  $0.99 each
4 Ortega Tostadas:  $0.32 each
2 Ortega Taco Shells:  $0.32 each
Total:  $6.87

Total Cost:  $21.42
Price before sales and coupons:  $86.68
Total amount saved:  $65.26

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Walmart: Rockin' the Produce

I was at Walmart today and some of their produce is still priced low!

Peaches still $0.50/lb.
Blueberries still $1.00/pack
Strawberries were $0.75/lb.!

Also, I was able to get Welch's jam for $0.18!  Every Wednesday in August Welch's gives away 1,000 coupons for $1.50 on their Facebook page.  I printed two of those babies and used them on my boys' favorite jam, priced at $1.68 at Walmart.

Welch's Grape Jam - $1.68
$1.50 printable coupon (Facebook)
Final price:  $0.18

Did I mention I'm also going to mail in my receipt to get a free sandwich keeper for buying two Welch's jams?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Scolari's: Amerigas Propane Exchange $8.99!

The propane on the barbecue is running low!  I noticed that Scolari's is advertising their propane exchange at $15.99 this week.  Throw in a rebate and coupon and we've got a sweet deal!

AmeriGas Propane Exchange - $15.99
$2.00 printable coupon (no longer available)
$5.00 mail in rebate
Final price:  $8.99!

Even without the coupon it's a good deal.  If you see a lower price on these exchanges around town, please let us know.  I only know the price at Scolari's because it's advertised this week in their ad.

We also use propane for our portable heater (if you're a charcoal kind of griller...)  It's a great food storage/emergency preparedness item to have on hand.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ben Franklin: 70% off Going out of Business

I just got a call from Cynde that Ben Franklin Crafts in Sparks (530 Greenbrae Dr.) is going out of business and everything in the store is 70% off.

She was able to score LOTS of cute fabric and mentioned there are still scrapbook supplies and shelving too. If you're needing crafting materials you may want to head over!

Cynde said they are planning on being open for one more week and closing 8/13. The phone number is 775-331-5755 if you want to call first or get more information.

(Thanks, Cynde!)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Couponing Success!

WOW! I am blown away and smiling from ear to ear.  Look at this couponing success story.  These are the results of my Uncle Rick couponing after just one week. 

I am so impressed.  After one week he's saving 50-75% at the stores.  Way to go Rick!

Let this be inspiration for anyone wanting to start couponing.  You can do it!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Grassroots Books: FREE Books for Everyone

Right now Grassroots Books if offering a free book for everyone!  For more information, visit their site HERE.

(Thanks, Cynde!)

I'll never forget the time my oldest son declared loudly at Grassroots Books, "This is the best day of my life!" when he received a Harry Potter book for free.  Silly boy.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

$2.00 off Pork Ribs Coupon

I don't often see coupons for meat so I was excited when I saw this!

Ending tomorrow (8/3) at Scolari's the Pork Spareribs are $1.49/lb.
Starting tomorrow (8/3) at Save Mart the Pork Spareribs are $1.77/lb.
Starting tomorrow (8/3) at Raley's the Pork Spareribs are BOGO. 

Can't wait to see if this makes for a good deal!

Breck's $25.00 Free Bulbs!

Today in the mail I received a catalog from Breck's.  They sell flower bulbs, which are my favorite to plant because I bury them once and never worry about them again.

On the front of the cover was a $25.00 gift coupon.  I used it to buy a bag of 20 tulip bulbs for $15.99 and it even covered the $7.95 shipping.  Hooray for free!

(The tulips I ordered!)
It might be worth requesting a free catalog from the Breck's website to see if you get the same coupon on your cover!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Walmart: PRODUCE Rollbacks!

Today I was shopping at the Walmart on Pyramid and noticed some of their produce was a GREAT PRICE!  I was thrilled to see fruit so low.  It's usually something I have to pay full price for.

Cucumbers - $0.20 each

Blueberries, 10 oz. - $1.00 each (was $2.98)

Blackberries, 10 oz. - $1.00 each (was $3.48)

Peaches - $0.50/lb.

Cherries - $1.50/lb. (was $2.98/lb.)

They also carry the trial-size Cascade at this location for the following deal.
Cascade Complete All-in-1 Action Pac, 3 ct. – $0.97
$1.00 Cascade Product from 7/31 P&G
Final price:  Free

I don't know if other Walmart locations will have the same pricing but it's worth a look!