Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Grocery Deals for the week of 4/28

So wouldn't you know, I'm out of town again. My mom, sister, and I are at BYU enjoying ourselves at Women's Conference! (Fingers crossed that the boys are doing well at home without me...)

Here are some links for grocery deals this week. Be sure to compare our local ads to these posts, as they do vary by region sometimes.

For Safeway go HERE. (Thanks, The Krazy Coupon Lady!)

For Raley's go HERE. (Thanks, My Frugal Adventures!

For Smith's (be sure to compare our ad) go HERE. (Thanks, Stockpiling Moms!)

For Scolari's be patient. I'll try to get it up when I get to Utah.

For Save Mart be patient, but it looks like another great week to stock up on Kellogg's cereal.

Monday, April 26, 2010

HOT Cereal Deal

Natalie A. emailed me about a HOT deal she discovered at Save Mart. Here's the scoop:

There is currently (4/24-5/7) a catalina running at Save Mart:

Buy any Kellogg's cereal (8 oz. or larger)
Buy 3 get $2 coupon off your next order
Buy 4 get $3 coupon off your next order
Buy 5 get $4 coupon off your next order

Here's where it gets good. The 14 oz boxes of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes are on "managers special" for $0.93 cents each!

SO... (5) Frosted Flakes @ $0.93= $4.65 and get a $4.00 coupon back!

Or if you have 2 $1.00/3 coupons...
(6) Frosted Flakes= $5.58
$2.00 from 4/11 RP or printable coupon! (use 2 coupons)
Final Price: $3.58 and get $4.00 coupon back!

Even without coupons this is a SWEET deal.

I don't know if this "manager's special" is only at the Sparks store or if other locations may find the same pricing. Let us know if you try this at a different store!

Oh, and by the way, pick yourself up a head of lettuce while you're at Save Mart...they're only $0.33 each this week (ends 4/27). Guess who's having BBQ chicken salad for dinner tomorrow?

A HUGE thanks to Natalie A. for sharing this deal. If you find other deals while you're out and about, let us know!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Scolari's Deals (4/21-4/28)

Here are the deals I see for this week at Scolari’s.

Scolari's will double coupons (as long as the coupon doesn't say "do not double") up to and including $1.00! View official coupon policy HERE.

Remember, Wednesdays are “double ad” days where both the current and previous week’s ad are honored.

Beef BBQ Steaks - $1.99/lb.

Cross Rib Roast - $1.99/lb.

Pork Tri Tips (in the bag) - $1.29/lb.
I love these, and I can’t believe they are on sale AGAIN. The recipes I use with them are HERE.

Grapes, red or green - $0.99/lb.

Celery - $0.77 each

Willamette Large Eggs, 18 ct. - $1.50

Bridgeford Bread, white loaf or monkey bread - $2.99
$0.55 printable coupon
Final price: $1.89

Let me know if I’ve missed anything!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Smith's (4/14-4/20)

Don't forget...this is the last week of the case lot sale!

There is also a GREAT deal on Quaker products this week. Cereal for $0.40 a box! You can read about it HERE.

(Thanks, Utah Deal Diva!)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Grocery Deals for the week of 4/-7

Even though I'm on vacation, I took a glance at the ads for this week. I just can't help myself.

Scolari's: I didn't see any screaming deals. (Let me know if you did...)

Smith's: The case lot sale is running again for the next two weeks! Although we can get better prices by using coupons combined with a sale, it is a nice way to buy in bulk at a good price.

For example, the pineapple at Smith's is $0.79/can with the case lot sale. Last week at Scolari's we could get it for $0.44/can with a coupon but we couldn't get 48 cans of it! I like to buy at the case lot sale and then maintain my supply with the deals I can get with coupons.

If you're curious to see how the Smith's prices compare to Wal-Mart and Costco...check out the Northern NV Price List for some comparisons. In most instances the Smith's case lot sale prices are lower.

Raley's: Go HERE for the weekly deals.

Save Mart: The only thing that stands out to me is the sale on Quaker products.

Life, 15 oz. - $1.39 WYB 5
Cap 'n Crunch, 16 oz. - $1.39 WYB 5
Oatmeal Squares, 16 oz. - $1.39 WYB 5
Granola Bars, 10 oz. - $1.39 WYB 5
Instant Oatmeal, 16.2 oz. - $1.39 WYB 5
$3.00/5 tearpad coupon found at Safeway
Final price: $0.79 each WYB 5

Green onions/radishes/cilantro, bunch - $0.20
(Thanks, Jill!)

Safeway: Go
HERE for the weekly deals.