Friday, October 14, 2011

My Shopping: $23.66

I ran to two stores today with my boys.  It's been fun having so much "help" while they're on track break from school.  (See below for proof.)  The boys are excited for their party tonight.  They're planning on pizza and soda while I'm away.
Scolari's - $15.76
3 Kikkoman Sauce - $0.69 each
2 Sierra Mist - $0.49 each
2 Land O Frost Ham - $0.49 each
CPK Pizza - $2.79
2 Digiorno Pizza - $2.79 each
Yogurt, 32 oz. - $0.99 (clearance)
3 Loaves of Bread - $0.79 each (clearance)

Find Scolari's Deals HERE. (Thanks, Centsible Sisters!)

Raley's - $7.90  ($3.00 Catalina back)
10 Del Monte Corn - $0.39 each
2 Cheetos - $1.00 each
2 Fritos Chips - $1.00 each

Find Raley's Deals HERE or HERE.  (Thanks, Clever Housewife and Frugal Find!)

I'm loving the deal on canned veggies at Raley's.  Every time you buy 10 you get a $3.00 Catalina back.  Then you can use that $3.00 to buy another 10, making them just $0.39/can!  That's cheaper than even the case lot sale.

Grand Total Spent - $23.66
Total Before Sales and Coupons - $64.46
Total Saved - $40.80 or 63%


Anonymous said...

Can you tell me the Raley's Cheetos/Fritos deal?
Thanks, Heidi

Anonymous said...

Ok I figured it out! Thanks for posted your deals! I'm getting my list ready now.

Debby said...

Im curious if you shop at Raleys or Food Source? Do they have the same sales? I see your from Northern NV. Im from Reno and Cannot find anymore Raleys. They all changed to food source. Thank you

Natalie said...

I shop at Raley's in Sparks, NV. I've never even heard of Food Source! I would go to the Raley's website and find locations by you. Good luck!